Please read and review the Summit County 3D Printing Policy before submitting your print requests.

Please choose inches or centimeters
Expected dimensions of printed object: H x W x L
Object Description & Location
Object Details
Please provide a necessary level of information for us to be able to print the requested object.
Please provide the filename exactly as it appears in your request. Jobs submitted in either .stl or .obj file types require print parameter setting choices (below). We can accept and print .gcode files but are not responsible for the print results as we are unable to adjust print parameters. Users submitting .gcode files will be responsible for the full cost of time and materials used.
Please select the color for the object. You may choose only one color for each object to be printed. We use PolyLite PLA filament with a printing temperature range 210-230 C.
Brim setting is a thin additional layer printed at the base of the object to increase plate adhesion and limit object diplacement during printing. Raft setting allows for multiple objects to be connected with a "sheet" of interconnected plastic and keeps multiple parts from shifting when parts are printed simultaneously.
This setting determines the resulting density of the "core" of the object- A lower density setting results in a lighter object, less time to print, less plastic used, but lower strength and durability. A higher density setting results in a more solid core, more plastic used and more time to print and somewhat higher strength and durability characteristics. For most objects, a density setting of 30-50% is sufficient. 100% denisty = a solid object.
Select one only: Generating supports helps keep overhangs in your object from collapsing. The supports fill-in a pattern of plastic beneath the overhanging parts of your model and which are removed by you after the print job is completed. The choices are None (no support), Touching buildplate, and Everywhere. The choice "Everywhere" will create supports inside of some hollow objects, e.g., the setting everywhere would fill in the void space inside a whistle making it nonfunctional.
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