CONNECT Summit County, Park City Library, and Summit County Library are pleased to welcome Shaun David Hutchinson, author of queer books for young adults, for an impactful virtual discussion on supporting each other. Shaun is the author of several YA books such as We Are the Ants and The Past and Other Things That Should Stay Buried. His memoir Brave Face is about his struggle for self-acceptance and finding hope in the future. This event will take place over Zoom and Facebook Live. Register in advance with Connect Summit County. This event is free to attend. 

Shaun has real-life experience with this topic. After a suicide attempt, he realized a great deal of his energy was spent reassuring others that he was "okay" although, often he was not. Often, he needed to express that he wasn’t okay, but couldn’t because it made others uncomfortable. Shaun says, "My parents needed me to be 'okay,' and my friends didn’t know what to do if I wasn’t okay."

It's time to get comfortable with someone admitting they’re "not okay," learn ways to support each other, and show it’s safe to discuss how we're feeling honestly. As an author and speaker, Shaun works to normalize mental health and provide positive mental health representation in his books, in his speaking engagements, and in his life.

Shaun was born in West Palm Beach, Florida in 1978. He was a bad student who enjoyed sleeping through class, debate, theater and being a pain in the ass. In college, he studied medieval and renaissance literature before abandoning his degree to work in I.T. doing database design. Shaun is now a full-time author living in Seattle. Learn more about Shaun and his work on his website

CONNECT Summit County is a nonprofit in Utah dedicated to creating a well-informed and stigma-free community with access to mental health services for all. We strengthen communities, save families, and change lives. We are proud to be the people’s voice for mental health in Summit County.