Kamas Valley Branch Children's Area

MISSION - Ignite Curiosity, Advance Knowledge, Support Community

CORE VALUES - Our Core Values serve as guiding principles for Summit County Library staff, board, and volunteers.

  • IGNITE CURIOSITY – We are inquisitive in how we approach our work and we encourage our library users to be inquisitive in their search for a variety of information. Our library is dynamic, proactive, always learning, adapting, innovating, and mentoring. Together, with our visitors, we embrace new technology and ideas.
  • ADVANCE KNOWLEDGE – We are committed to advancing the knowledge of our patrons through trust by ensuring their privacy, modeling use of credible sources, protecting Intellectual Freedom (the freedom for all Library users to seek out and obtain information from all points of view), and maximizing our resources and collections.
  • SUPPORT COMMUNITY – We are your library, diverse, inclusive, and accessible to all. We are authentic and helpful in every interaction with visitors and colleagues – we don't give up! We are a safe, comfortable gathering place – physically and virtually – for creating, exploring, collaborating, relaxing, and allowing lifelong learning. By collaborating together our community thrives.